Company Registration Documents

What are the official documents for Company Registration

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The Company Registration Forms

The following is a list of the more important CIPC forms which you need to familiarise yourself with:

Name application forms for company registration:

1.       CoR 9.1 Name Application. CIPC charges R50 per set of 4 names for electronic lodgements or R75 for manual lodgements. CIPC only accept manual lodgements in 2 instances:

a.       for franchises where a supporting letter is required from the franchisor authorising SwiftReg to complete the name application eg. Nando’s N1 City

b.      where someone else has initiated the application and wants SwiftReg to complete the process. In this case we need an extra letter giving us authority to do this. There is an example on our website.

2.       CoR 9.4 Name Approval confirmation notice which is valid for 6 months

3.       CoR 9.5 Name Rejection which is notice refusing name reservation of registration. The client must supply 4 new names and we charge them another R110.

Company Formation Documents:

1.       CoR 14.1 Notice of Incorporation – Application form to appoint the new directors

a.       CoR 15.1 A Memorandum of Incorporation - (Short Form) Pty Ltd

b.      CoR 15.1 C Memorandum of Incorporation - (Short form) NPC without members

2.       CoR 14.3 Registration Certificate – Competed document (No shareholder information is displayed)

3.       CoR 14.2 Notice rejecting a Notice of Incorporation

Other Company registration documents:

1.       CoR 15.2 Notice of amendment of Memorandum of Incorporation – used for name changes

2.       CoR 18.1 Application to convert a Close Corporation to a (Pty) Ltd

3.       CoR 39 Notice of change of Company Directors