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To register a company in South Africa can be a daunting task if you are unfamiliar with the process. It could also be a problem if you go directly to CIPC to register a company as they do not issue share certificates. You will then have difficulty in opening a bank account as the shareholder information is required by the banks. To register a company which has all the necessary supporting documents we recommend you deal with a professional company such as SwiftReg. They provide all the company documents required to open a bank account when you register a company with them.

It is necessary to Register a Company?

When starting a business, it is recommended that you register a company as there are certain advantages such as limited liability protection and tax benefits. In addition, most government tenders require you to register a company to be on their procurement database. It is however not compulsory to register a company, as you can conduct business as a sole proprietor or in a partnership. We at SwiftReg do not recommend this option as it is too onerous especially if you are conducting a business in a high-risk environment such a construction. Therefore we would recommend you register a company with us. We offer great deals on package where you can get up to 20% discount if you choose to use us for other services such as tax clearance certificates, BEE affidavits, business emails, website and many more.

How do I register a company name?

You can register a company without a name and get just a registration number, but this is not recommended as banks and customers are not familiar with these documents and there is no opportunity to build your own brand. We therefore recommend you register your company with a name. To register a company with a name is a 2-step process. The first step in the process is to apply for your name. SwiftReg has an innovative online name testing facility and we recommend you use this as it will reduce your chances of having your name rejected. CIPC usually takes between 1 and 3 days to approve your name. Once your name is approved we can start with the second part of the process which is to register your company with a name.

How to register a company in South Africa.

There are several ways to register a company in South Africa. You can go directly to CIPC to register your company, but this is not recommended as CIPC does not issue share certificates. This means you can't open a bank account which frustrates many people. The other option is to use an accountant or an attorney, but these professionals can be expensive. Most people choose to use specialists such a SwiftReg to register their company, this is because it is cheap to register a company with them as they specialize in the service. Furthermore, when you register a company with them the documents are bank ready. There are also a number of other service offered by them with large discounts on package available if you choose to register a company with them.

How to register a Company as part of a package

To register a company as part of the package is probably the smartest move you could make when you want to register a company. This is because you will save both time and money. Money because there are large discounts of up to up 20% on the SwiftReg packages when you register a company. You will also save time as they will manage the sequential process of the respective services on your behalf. For example, the tax clearance certificate can only start after the company is registered. SwiftReg will already have your information so there will be on need for you to resubmit your documents to them, they will merely keep you up to date on the progress of your package. The online package system is unique as is calculates the discounts on the fly as you select or deselect the respective service you require. We suggest you register a company using a package.

How to register a company online?

Best way to register a company online is to use professionals such as SwiftReg. They offer packages with large discounts and boast an innovating online system that stores your documents under the past purchases section of the website. No other company offers such a service. This is very useful if you do not have all the documents or information of other directors at hand as you can always return at a later stage to register your company. The process is very user-friendly as hundred of satisfied clients rate them 4.8 stars out of 5. This is the highest rating of any company in South Africa offering you to register a company. When you register your company online it is a 2-stage process, the first stage is your name application. Please make use of the test your name service as this will reduce the name being rejected when you register a company. Once your name is approved the next step is to appoint the directors, SwiftReg will do this for you using a limited power of attorney to complete the process on your behalf.

Where should I go to register a company in Cape Town?

The leading company assisting clients to register a company is SwiftReg. They are very centrally located at N1 City just of the N1 Highway and slap bang in the middle of the Cape Town greater metropole. There is plenty of free parking and free WIFI for their clients. They have a walk-in face to face service where professional consultants help the customers to register a company. There is also discounts on packages and all your documentation is digitally stored, for you to retrieve at no cost. The is a very popular option for clients to register a company.

What does it cost to register a company?

The best value to register a company is to use a professional company such as SwiftReg to help you register your company. The cost is from R460 which includes one director and one shareholder. An additional R100 is required for each extra shareholder and R100 for each addition director. This is very cheap when compared accountants or attorney as they must charge for their professional time when they register a company for you.

What forms do you need to complete to register a company?

If you register a company directly with CIPC you would need to complete a number of forms starting with a CoR 9.1 the (Name Application) once the result of the application is returned to you after 3 days you would then have to complete a CoR 14.1 (Notice of Incorporation) and CoR 15.1 A (Memorandum of Incorporation) together with a copy of your ID and proof of payment. After all of this you still don’t get a share certificate stating who owns the company. For these and other reasons it is better to use SwiftReg when you want to register a company.