About Us
7B N1 City Mews | N1 City, Goodwood | 021 595 4433

About Us

  • LargestĀ online service in South Africa
  • Eighteen years company registration experience
  • Used by three of the four major banks who use our services to register companies for their clients.
  • Registers up to 1000 companies a month
  • Call centre is open Mon-Fri
  • One of the few registration companies that issues Share certificates with every company registration.
  • Stores all your final documents digitally online so that you can retrieve them
  • We reference all your faxes and ID's digitally in case of queries
  • Provide constant monitoring of your order online via "My Purchases"
  • Provides multiple registration services for all major business needs
  • Have their own inhouse Web Design Centre for website, domain name, emails