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Register only a business name


Register Names only Register a Company (Pty) [Recommended]

Why you might consider doing a business name only

Wanting to find out if your name is available, and to reserve it only. (You can continue with the remainder of the company registration by paying for the reservation part only at a later date) However we must warn you that there is a cost to this proceure. To do the Names Only costs R250, and if presented to us to do the rest of the company, we will refund you R110 of that R250. So separating these procedures will cost you R140.

You choose four names and they should be as different as possible.


Depends with the speed of CIPC. It has been known to be as short as a few days but you should allow for 1-2 weeks


The cost is R250

Points to Note

Choosing the correct names is vital. A total rejection of all your names is reasonably frequent (especially without the proper research) and if this occurs there is no refund

Your New Name

Your NEW company name is a very emotional issue to you, the client. This is because your dreams and ideas are based on the approval your chosen company name. So when providing new names you could be tempted to alter your chosen name slightly in four different ways in the hope that you will get one of them. This method frequently does not work. So if you choose to do this you carry a high risk of waiting a while to find out that all your names are rejected

Test your Business name

To avoid disappointment, we strongly urge you to test your name to check the availability and see if comparative names already exist. This will save you time and frustration in getting a new name approved. A test button is available on the page where you type the name, though to use it properly you should look at the video

As a general rule CIPRO does not allow one word names EG ORION. Neither will CIPRO approve non descript names EG ORION ENTERPRISES or ORION VENTURES, SOLUTIONS or PROJECTS. However, ORION SHOE MANUFACTURING ENTERPRISES will be accepted. This is because words describing the nature of the business are used in the name resulting in a unique original name.

Misleading Business Names

Many words result in unsuccessful applications due to the fact that these words are deemed to be misleading. This is an important general principle.

The Registrar, as far as possible, does not allow such names, as business people or members of the public could enter into business with companies with misleading names to their detriment. In this case the Registrar can be said to act in the public interest not to allow these names