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Change Directors/Shareholders
How to Change Directors/Shareholders of your PTY

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CIPC processing time for director changes takes approximately three weeks before you receive the completed CoR 39.

Shareholder changes are facilitated by SwiftReg and should therefore only take 1 working day Costs

Director Changes

If you are an existing SwiftReg client, the cost of director changes is R380; if you are a new client, we will need to draw a disclosure certificate in order to verify the original appointment dates for the directors at an extra cost of R60. Time : 4-8 weeks

Shareholder Changes

If you only want to do Shareholder Changes you could use our other site, www.sharevault.co.za. One login works for all. (Alternatively login and choose 'My Shares'. ) If you are doing both, follow the button navigation as directed here. R200 This service includes issuing new shares, transferring existing shares and re-issuing lost share certificates. Time 2 days

Other Changes

Name Changes R550 4-8 weeks Address Changes R250 4-8 weeks